Lesson 7 Quiz

Mark Each Question True (T) or False (F)

1 In marriage, as elsewhere, happiness and holiness go hand in hand  
2 The Catholic attitude towards marriage may have been appropriate to the Victorian era but is impractical in modem conditions of life  
3 Unless we see marriage as Christ sees it, we cannot truly understand and appreciate its real beauty and grandeur  
4 Godís jurisdiction over marriage is secondary to the jurisdiction of the state  
5 To be perfectly frank, the only purpose of Christian marriage is to give people a legitimate way of satisfying their sexual yearnings  
6 God has imposed certain conditions that married people must obey if their marriage is to be successful  
7 Modern circumstances make it not only difficult but impossible to observe Godís laws relating to marriage  
8 In marriage, growth in holiness of living is not only possible but is also necessary  
9 Sexual relations between husband and wife can be a meritorious act  
10 It is only in Godís Plan for marriage that we discover how truly exalted and inspiring is the wifeís rightful status  
11 In Catholic marriage, the Church puts too much emphasis on the ideal of the husband and wife helping each other to become holier  
12 The Sacrament of Matrimony was instituted by God in the Garden of Eden when He created Adam and Eve  
13 A wifeís role as her husbandís helpmate extends to every aspect of their married life woman become husband and wife is capable of giving them grace  
14 In the Sacrament of Matrimony, the mutual consent by which a man and woman become husband and wife is capable of giving them grace  
15 The Sacrament of Matrimony and the sacramental state of Matrimony are one and the same thing  
16 As a result of receiving the Sacrament of Matrimony, the bride and groom receive a special grace to help them succeed in their marriage and raise their children well  
17 The special grace of Matrimony being intended merely to help a couple get off to a good start, it diminishes with the passing of time  
18 The sacramental grace of Matrimony is restricted to the personal needs of the husband and wife and has nothing to do with the upbringing of any children they may have  
19 The priest (in some cases a bishop) is the one who administers the Sacra- ment of Matrimony to the bride and groom  
20 A husband should have the same attitudes towards his wife as Christ has towards His Church  
21 A wife should study the Churchís devotedness, loyalty and generosity towards Christ so that she may imitate those virtues more readily in her conduct towards her husband  
22 Marriage is a holy state of life  
23 Nobody likes a person who is perfect  
24 Whether we are aware of it or not, Godís Plan is ever real and actively at work  
25 In order to become holy in marriage, it is necessary to perform the same duties as priests, nuns and brothers  
26 To conform our daily life to Godís Will, we simply do each moment of the day what God wants us to do at that time  
27 The Sacrament of Matrimony consists in the blessing given by the priest during the marriage ceremony  
28 "All men are brutes" so it isnít possible to make married life holy
29 This lesson takes all the fun out of marriage  
30 Because of what you have learned in this lesson, your marriage will be more likely to succeed  
31 The model of Christís attitude towards His Church and of the Churchís attitude towards Christ is to be applied day by day in all the circumstances of our lives  
32 Because the religious state is the superior state, only priests, nuns and brothers can become saints  
33 Conformity with Godís Will is the secret of sanctity  
34 Although God gives a child two parents, only the mother is needed to train him  
35 The loyal cohabitation of husband and wife, their unstinted, loving acts of helpfulness towards each other, the procreation and education of children are the essentials of marriage  
36 For the greatest measure of earthly happiness, your marriage should be lived exactly according to Godís plan for it  
37 By preventing us from devoting ourselves to pious works, our daily tasks are an impediment to our spiritual welfare  
38 Until a couple have their living quarters completely furnished and a very substantial bank account, they would be acting unfairly in bringing children into the world  
39 Children are a hindrance to happiness in marriage  
40 As long as parents feed and clothe their children, they are fulfilling their responsibilities completely  
41 The husband and wife provide God with offspring  
42 When children come, the mother must become the family ruler  
43 Before becoming engaged, we should seriously ask ourselves: "Will marriage be for me a means of becoming holy?"  
44 A husband and wife can advance more rapidly towards perfection by doing so alone  
45 The fundamental condition of true Christian marriage is the granting of life to others  
46 Unity of life comes automatically to a young couple  
47 Mutual aid in marriage means that the wife should take a job outside the home in order to supplement her husbandís income  
48 After emotional love disappears, thereís nothing left in marriage but a long hard grind  
49 True love is always concerned primarily with the physical welfare of the beloved  
50 If you do not choose the Divine Model for your marriage, you automatically do choose unhappiness