Lesson 5 Quiz

Mark Each Question True (T) or False (F)

1 The sacramental grace of Matrimony is vitally important to the achieving and maintaining of mutual understanding between husband and wife.  
2 When God created human beings He divided them into two sexes. However, the difference is only in their bodies; mentally and emotionally the two sexes are identical.  
3 Your psychology is completely independent of your temperament, state of health, education, environment, etc.  
4 Even if a girl keeps herself dainty and attractive, she also needs to know some psychology in order to have a happy marriage.  
5 Itís much harder for men to understand women than for women to understand men.  
6 A man always acts according to his wifeís way of thinking.  
7 A woman is happiest when she devotes herself to helping others.  
8 A man who doesnít see "eye to eye" with his wife in all matters is just being deliberately stubborn.  
9 Because manís vocation is to rule, there is no reason why he should consult his wife when decisions are to be made.  
10 Men usually are more intuitive than women.  
11 There are some tendencies that are more common to one sex than to the other.  
12 Because a woman adapts herself to situations more readily than a man, this lesson on psychology is much more necessary for brides-to-be than for their future husbands.  
13 Men are invariably very vain.  
14 Women, being able to adapt themselves more easily than men, regularly react according to a manís way of reacting in order to maintain harmony.  
15 As a general rule, women notice details first, whereas a man will see the general, over-all picture first.  
16 Men have no imagination whatsoever.  
17 Women never use logic.  
18 Disagreements between a husband and wife can result from their different ways of looking at things due to the differences between their sexes.  
19 Because manís need is to love, a husband automatically loves his wife more than she can love him.  
20 A woman is usually better able than a man to cope immediately with unexpected happenings.  
21 Womenís judgment is more rapid and more easily influenced than menís.  
22 In general, the wife should accept what her husband says as a fact, as what he actually thinks.  
23 Mans logic is one of ideas; womanís logic is one of concrete facts.  
24 Men are quite uninterested in sexual love.  
25 Sexual love is the most important part of married life.  
26 Sexual love has no place in pure married life.  
27 Each sex manifests its love in different ways.  
28 Women are inclined to be self-centred.  
29 Often, a young man will seek in a partner the characteristics that he himself lacks.  
30 The natural means of preserving purity are quite sufficient by themselves.  
31 Lust and love are two words for the very same thing, "love" being considered the more acceptable word.  
32 Womenís fashions have no effect on men except for the laughs.  
33 Impurity during courtship has no effect on a coupleís mutual respect and love later on in their married life.  
34 Now that women are taking an active part in business, industry, social work, the army, legislation, etc., their role in love has also changed from that of a passive receiver to that of an active aggressor.  
35 If men are harmed by provocative fashions in womenís clothes, itís entirely their own fault.  
36 A woman is usually exceptionally sensitive to her husbandís compliments or comments.  
37 One of the wonderful things about marriage is that after the wedding each can take the other for granted; you can slop around in old clothes, let your brains get rusty, etc., skipping the fuss and bother you had to go to in order to be attractive before you got hitched.  
38 To settle differences of opinion, a quarrel between husband and wife is more satisfactory than talking things over.  
39 A patient person is merely a cowardly person.  
40 The Holy Ghost has a special interest in helping you with your psychological problems.  
41 The surest way to win a boyís admiration is to cater to his passions.  
42 An Intelligent young woman should consider her sex as inferior.  
43 A wife is inclined to consider her husband as too slow in his deliberations.  
44 A womanís "right to change her mind" can be an asset instead of a fault.  
45 A young coupleís future happiness in marriage can be forecast with relative accuracy according to the kind of love (entirely sexual, physical, spiritual, supernatural) with which they approach their problems.  
46 Manís self-assurance may easily lead to egotism unless it is based on humility.  
47 A woman is capable of absolute devotion when she knows that she Is loved and appreciated by her husband.  
48 Because a womanís intuition aids her in readily grasping a situation, she should make all the decisions.  
49 In major matters affecting the welfare of the family the responsibility of making the final decision rests with the husband.  
50 The foremost cause of misunderstanding between married people is the fact that a husband judges his wife as he would judge another man, and the wife judges her husband as she would judge another woman.