Lesson 3 Quiz

Mark Each Question True (T) or False (F)

1. Your degree of happiness in marriage is determined by the kind of love you have for each other.  
2 All you need in order to bring permanent happiness into your home is just "to be in love". An understanding of love is therefore unnecessary.  
3. Some people love reading, some love music, some love animals, some love people. It's all love, the same kind of love.  
4. All the emphasis in modern advertising is directed towards beautifying and caring for the body. Advertisers know what they are doing. In a human being, therefore, we should consider the body as more important than the soul.  
5. We can see a person's body but we cannot see the soul. Consequently it is only the body that we can love.  
6. Human love is entirely physical.  
7. Human love is entirely spiritual.  
8. If your lover really loves you, he or she will give in to your wishes in all matters.  


Love originates in the soul and develops in the soul.



True love does not need to be shown outwardly.



Conjugal love is the love that exists between a husband and wife.



In married love, the spiritual element and the supernatural element are the same thing under different names.

13. Since the sex urge is a natural urge, it should not be restrained by intelligence and free will  
14. The sexual instinct in humans is no different from the sexual instinct in animals.  
15. "Incompatibility" is the alibi of those who fail to develop the spiritual and supernatural elements in their married life.  
16. In married love, the spiritual element is the most important one.  
17. One of the greatest proofs of real love is to try to help our beloved to grow in grace.  
18. Spiritual love demands that the wife will submit to her husband's decisions in all things.  
19. Man is purely animal and can love only in animal fashion.  
20. Passionate kissing and other passion-rousing signs of affection are perfectly permissible before marriage as long as a couple stops short of the marriage act.  
21. After marriage, sexual love can be a praiseworthy act in God's plan.  
22. To be perfect, Christian married love should be composed of three elements (physical, spiritual and supernatural) in the following order: supernatural, spiritual, physical.  


Without concern for the welfare of our loved one's soul, there is no true love.



Perfect love does not require the husband to return his wife's love.



The difference between the two sexes is limited to physical differences.



Because of their specialized professional training in matters of love, movie stars are, as a general rule, the best models for young people to imitate so that their love will be sublime and enduring.

27. Angelic love tends to exclude sex from marriage.  
28. For most people, angelic love is the usual way to achieve holiness in marriage.  
29. The first love, so glamorous and thrilling, is the most nearly perfect love a couple can ever achieve.  
30. If a period of emotional aridity comes to you after your marriage, that automatically ends your mutual love for each other.  
31. Strong physical attraction is enough to guarantee a happy marriage.  
32. In order to prepare for happy marriage, you should consult love magazines, confession magazines, sex magazines and movies.  
33. Moderation is indispensable to honest amusements.  
34. Wealth or beauty are basic requirements for happy marriage.  
35. Parents should send their children to the movies frequently so that they may learn wholesome Christian attitudes towards love and marriage.  
36. Anyone who violates God's laws governing marriage, cannot have a truly happy marriage.  
37. Conjugal duty, in the strict sense of the word, consists in normal sexual union in order to propagate the life of a child.  
38. Performance of the marriage act is a right and duty for husband and wife.  
39. "Birth control" destroys true happiness.  
40. The Church could modify any of God's laws regarding marriage if She wished.  
41. The moral laws hamper true freedom and happiness.  
42. Modern science has made it possible for people to commit sex-sins without any harmful effects.  
43. To be happy, we must make our bodies submit to our souls and our souls submit to God.  
44. True married love is sure to die if sexual relations become impossible.  
45. Now that you have completed this lesson, you can afford to forget about it and never refer to it again.  
46. Manifestations of love bring an increase of love to just the one who receives them.  
47. Laboratory studies of the sex life of white mice will eventually solve the sexual problems of human beings.  
48. The most important love in marriage is physical love.  
49. The primary purpose of marriage, as willed by God, is the gratifying of the sexual instinct.  
50. The only actual obligation of marriage is the performance of the marriage act.