Lesson 2 Quiz

Mark Each Question True (T) or False (F)

1. The qualities and faults of your future partner have no direct bearing on your chances for happiness in marriage.  
2. It is preferable for the husband and wife to have approximately the same level of education.  
3. The happiness of your future family depends on whether you make a good choice of a life partner.  
4. The wise choice of your husband (or wife) may profoundly affect your happiness in eternity.  
5. Physical beauty of the girl is the most important requirement for a happy marriage.  
6. Contact in the family environment is the poorest way of getting to know a person.  
7. In general, it is preferable for a man to marry a girl younger than himself.  
8. Where there is great love between a young couple, the question of health is of minor importance.  
9. A medical examination before marriage is a needless expense.  
10. Girls are generally more serious and more set in their ways than boys of the same age.  
11. Most men prefer girls who submerge their feminine traits and adopt masculine ways.  
12. Most girls are attracted to effeminate young men.  
13. A home where the wife is older is always unhappy  
14. A husband has no right to expect his wife to share his problems.  
15. Although good judgment on the part of the husband or wife is commendable, it is not a necessity.  
16. It is incorrect to think of one sex as inferior to the other.  
17. Each sex has its own God-given vocation.  
18. Stubbornness produces happy, harmonious family life.  
19. A girl bubbling over with affection should marry an unresponsive "iceberg" of a man in order to counteract her own emotionalism.  
20. A husband's little signs of affection mean nothing to his wife.  
21. It is usually a serious mistake to marry far above or far below one's own cultural level.  
22. A "hand-to-mouth" existence is exciting and highly desirable.  
23. Economy is a practice reserved for husbands only.  
24. It is absolutely essential to family happiness that their refrigerator, stove, car, etc., be the latest available model.  
25. A husband should be "big-hearted" to everyone else, even before his own family, if that attitude is good for his business relations.  
26. In order to be sure of adequate provision for future needs, we should make it our one concern now to increase our material wealth.  
27. The principle, "Seek first the kingdom of God and His justice", is no longer a practical policy in view of modern economic conditions.  
28. Drunkenness is the same thing as alcoholism.  
29. There is no danger in marrying a gambler.  
30. The occasional use of beer, wine or liquor by anybody is to be completely condemned.  
31. Drunkenness and alcoholism affect only the drinker and no one else in the family.  
32. You shouldn't let it bother you if your future partner drinks a little too much at times and gets a bit "high" once in a while.  
33. Mutual frankness and loyalty are nice but not necessary to the welfare of a marriage.  
34. Jealousy is fundamentally a proof of love.  
35. To conceal the secrets of your own conscience is disloyal to your partner.  
36. Even if her husband does allow his own faith to diminish, his wife will have no difficulty in remaining in the state of grace.  
37. In married life, the husband and wife should manifest their piety in the same way.  
38. If your prospective partner doesn't go to confession or Communion very often, you shouldn't attach much significance to that fact.  
39. In order to achieve real happiness in marriage, the husband and wife must not take religion too seriously.  
40. Profanity is cute in young children.  
41. Nowadays, profanity and blasphemy are so widespread as to be perfectly acceptable in a prospective partner.  
42. A mixed marriage endangers the faith of the Catholic partner.  
43. A mixed marriage provides the ideal religious atmosphere for the broad spiritual development of children.  
44. A mixed marriage should be avoided.  
45. For a Catholic, the chances for real happiness are very small in a mixed marriage.  
46. To marry a non-Catholic with the idea that you will be able to convert him or her, is very realistic.  
47. After marriage, the non-Catholic partner in a mixed marriage is, of course, always eager to live according to the Catholic Church's teachings on divorce, birth control, etc.  
48. More mixed marriages should be encouraged because they foster conversions.  
49. If you enter a mixed marriage, you and your children are bound to be seriously affected by the difference between your own religious beliefs and practices and those of your partner.  
50. Very often, the children of a mixed marriage give up their religion entirely.