Lesson 1 Quiz

Mark Each Question True (T) or False (F)

1. Happiness in marriage comes automatically, without need for preparation.  
2. The best sources of accurate information on marriage are movies, TV, comic books and love magazines.  
3. Unhappy marriages seem to be more numerous than happy ones.  
4. Experience teaches that marriage leads to unhappiness.
5. Failure to obtain adequate information beforehand concerning married life leads to problems after marriage.
6. Sexual experience before marriage is a good preparation for a happy married life.  
7. Boys and girls should start courtship in their early teens.  
8. Love is just a thrilling amusement.  
9. "Going steady" in the early and middle teens is neither wise nor necessary  
10. Philandering (flirting) is apt to make a person incapable of real love.  
11. Serious preparation for marriage means preparing mostly for the wedding day itself.  
12. Children of large families are physically and mentally inferior.  
13. It is possible for married people to be faithful to each other for life.  
14. A person who has had a number of "affairs" before marriage is the one most likely to settle down to just one person after he marries.  
15. The priest has a vital role to play in anything concerning the Sacrament of Matrimony, both before and after the wedding.  
16. Catholic moral laws concerning marriage are impossible to practise.  
17. The Church's teaching is the source of true happiness in marriage.  
18. Happy marriages are exempt from difficulties.  
19. Physical beauty is all a man should require of a woman in order to be happily married.  
20. God has no interest in the development of love between a married couple.  
21. True love between husband and wife does not include sexual love.  
22. Happiness in marriage rests more on the friendship between husband and wife than on their physical love.  
23. Supernatural love between husband and wife establishes their marriage on an unshakable divine foundation.  
24. In marriage, each should put one's own self-interest first.  
25. True love should make me ready to accept any sacrifice for the one I love.  
26. Supernatural love raises the Christian couple to a higher and fuller life.  
27. The main purpose of courtship is to have a "steady date" always available.  
28. The main purpose of courtship is to know each other better in view of a possible future marriage.  
29. Even if marriage is definitely impossible, courtship may be continued for the pleasure it offers.  
30. An engagement implies a promise to marry in the near future.  
31. Christian marriage provides special graces for the couple to perform their duties as husband and wife and as heads of their family.  
32. Really serious difficulties are never encountered in Christian homes.  
33. Meeting difficulties together helps a couple to strengthen the bonds of their marriage.  
34. In entering marriage, one must be prepared "to give rather than to receive".  
35. Sexual relations are necessary to partnership in the creative work of God in marriage.  
36. If performed in the state of grace and out of love for God, the marriage is meritorious.  
37. The child is the living image of its parents' mutual love.  
38. Children are one of the greatest sources of happiness in married life.  
39. True love in marriage fosters the desire for children.  
40. The task of training their children's character is an unrewarding one for their parents.  
41. The satisfaction of having trained their children well will be the reward for the sacrifices made by parents.  
42. Once the wedding ceremony is over, the sacramental grace is no longer available.  
43. Christian married couples must often, through prayer, call upon the grace that is available to them through their Sacrament of Matrimony.  
44. Christian marriage demands sacrifices and therefore cannot lead to true happiness.  
45. Just reading the text of this course is enough to bring us happiness in marriage.  
46. The period of preparation for marriage should be marked by prayer, frequent reception of the Sacraments and constant efforts to practice virtue.  
47. It is not the priest's duty to determine whether young people contemplating marriage are sufficiently prepared for that state of life.  
48. Christian marriage is a lifetime union.  
49. Catholic Action has contributed nothing to the problem of adequately preparing young people for marriage.  
50. The encyclical letter on Christian Marriage makes it a strict duty for the laity to help others in preparing for marriage.