Lesson Introduction


  1. The Present Situation with regard to Marriage. What young people think of it. The Christian ideal of marriage. How to prepare for it.


  2. The Ideal Husband - The Ideal Wife. The qualities to look for in your future partner. Defects to be avoided. The correction of faults.


  3. Love and Happiness in Marriage. Love. Its elements. True love and sham love. True happiness in marriage. Differences in conjugal love.


  4. Courtship and Engagement. The nature, purpose, qualities, place of courtship. Subjects to be discussed and settled during courtship. Engagements.


  5. Masculine and Feminine Psychology. For men: how to understand women; for women: how to understand men. The psychological problem. Man's vocation; woman's vocation. Physical, intellectual, emotional aspects.


  6. Economic Preparation (Feminine). Nature and importance of economic preparation. The budget, Buying the trousseau, list of items. The family budget, division of responsibilities.


  7. The Spirituality of Marriage. The vocation. The Sacrament. The purposes and qualities of marriage. Mistaken notions, consequences. God's call within marriage. The sacramental grace. The role of husband; the role of wife. The way to happiness.


  8. Church Laws concerning Marriage. Prenuptial enquiry. Impediments to marriage. Publication of the banns. Conditions required for validity.


  9. Civil Laws concerning Marriage. Legal formalities. Impediments. Nuptial agreement. Annulment, separation, divorce. Last will and testament.


  10. The Marriage Ceremony. Liturgical explanation. Events before and after the ceremony. Showers, wedding outfit. Reception. Honeymoon.


  11. Masculine and Feminine Anatomy and Physiology. God's Plan. Reproductive organs of the male, of the female. The personal and social role of purity.


  12. Relations between Husband and Wife, Pregnancy, Birth, Nursing. The mystery of the transmission of life. Practical instructions for these times.


  13. Hygiene. General and sexual hygiene. Venereal diseases. Practice of individual sex hygiene, for men, for women. Necessity of conjugal sex hygiene. Hygiene of relations.


  14. What is allowed: What is forbidden in Marriage. The moral aspect. Continence. Birth Control. Planned Parenthood. The Rhythm System.


  15. The First Months of Marriage. The first relations. Physical, intellectual, moral adaptation. The Child. Summing up.



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