Are You A Child Wife


1. Do you sulk or nag when you can't have your own way ? 2. Do you fib about your mistakes?

3. Are you jealous of his interests in business, sports, or anything that does not concern you directly?

4. If you behaved in an office the way you behave in the care of your home, would you be fired?

5. Do you feel that your husband is outgrowing you ?

A person old enough to be happily married does not think of herself alone. That is the sign of the adolescent, not the adult. Unless you answered "No" to these questions, perhaps you are not changing and adapting as every wife must to stay the same desired, admired, satisfactory mate she seemed to be during courtship.


1. Do you make his friends welcome at home?

2. Do you take part in some community activity?

3. Are you on good terms with the people who serve you (such as landlord and tradespeople) ?

4. Are you learning any new skill (cooking, sewing, a sport) ? 5. Do you make friends in your neighbourhood?

Taking care of a home usually does not take all of the average wife's time, just as the average job does not take all of a husband's time. Interests outside working hours broaden and invigorate both family life and position in the community. If you answered "Yes" to these questions, you seem to be doing your part in a healthy widening of your family's contacts.


1. Do you belittle your husband, under the guise of teasing, for a laugh? 2. Do you discuss him disparagingly behind his back? 3. Do you argue with him in public?

4. Do you keep secrets from him?

5. Do you listen to criticism of him without defending him?