Many women feel that the entire responsibility for training of children is unfairly on their shoulders and complain that the husband is either overly indulgent with them or overly severe in correcting them because lie

(toes not share a plan of training with her. Unless you answered "Yes" to

these questions, perhaps you are giving your wife an unfair share of your joint responsibility for the children.


1. Do you frequently drink more than you should?

2. Do you gamble for higher stakes than you can afford? 3. Do you boast of your successes?

4. Do you make "passes" at other women?

5. Are you unfaithful to your marriage vows?

For a perfect score, you should be able to say "No" to these questions. Psychiatrists know that gambling, boasting, or drinking to excess usually are signs of frustration in a person who is not sufficiently mature to take the daily grind of adult responsibilities. All are evidence of an attempt to escape realities in a dreamworld of wishful thinking. The same is true of the husband (or the wife) who must forever be chasing a new love. The Don Juan needs constant assurance that he is attractive to a series of women because he is not grown up enough for the giving and sharing that the partnership of marriage calls for.


1. Can you discuss sex freely with her?

2. Do you believe that this part of marriage can and should be as rewarding to a woman as to a man?

3. Do you know that men and women may have different reactions to sex, and do you try to understand how she feels?

4. Is this relation satisfactory to each of you?

Sex in women is usually more closely tied in with many other emotions than it is with men. A man is apt to be more easily aroused than a woman, and his emotions are apt to be less complicated. Sex in a woman is influenced by her sense of security and very greatly by her pride and belief in her husband. Many wives tell us, "I no longer respect my husband, so I can no longer give him love--I can't give, love unless I can give respect also." Unless you answered "Yes" to these questions, you might do well to see if the trouble does not lie in some inadequacies in one of the other levels of your marriage-financial, personal, or emotional.