3. Do you encourage her to develop her own capacities?

4. Do you try to share her enthusiasms, even if they aren't yours?

5. Are you listening to her with interest (rather than being bored unless you do all the talking) ?

Being able to share problems and count on a husband's interest and understanding is important to every wife. Communication is the thing we are emphasizing in this set of questions, and unless you answered "Yes" to all of them, you do not win a passing grade. When communication breaks down, husband and wife become less sensitive to each other, and

more and more absorbed in their own hurts.

Good marriage partners should be able to discuss differences and reach an understanding through compromise or acceptance rather than through surrender or the avoiding of disputes.


1. Are you proud of her popularity (rather than feeling she is a rival for attention) ?

2. Do you value her opinion and let others know it?

3. Do. you compliment her for good meals, household, or other achievements ?

4. Are you as affectionate as you were before marriage? 5. Do you remember to tell her that you love her?

Security on all levels is vital to a good marriage. Making a wife feel valued is an important part of her security. Unless you answered "Yes" to these questions', better ask yourself if you are hurting the mood of your marriage by taking your wife a little too much for granted.


1. Do you share discipline of the children?

2. Do you listen with keen interest to her questions or problems about them (rather than feeling that is her department) ?

3. Do you have your children's confidence (or do they tell their troubles only to their mother) ?

4. Do you plan for their education?

5. Do you spend a regular amount of time with them each day or week ?