1. Are you as prompt as she is ? 2. Are you as tidy as she is?

3. Do you respect her affection for her family and friends, even though you do not care for them?

4. Do you respect her religion, even though yours is different?

5. Do you occasionally plan entertainment that she enjoys, even though it is not your favourite ?

Different people find different things of great importance. Untidiness or chronic tardiness, in themselves, do not damage a marriage. It is the way those concerned feel about such things that counts.

If you answered "Yes" to these questions, it shows that you are able to put yourself in your wife's place at least part of the time--a most important element in a happy marriage.


1. Do you belittle her under the guise of teasing?

2. Do you discuss her domestic failings with others ?

3. Do you argue with her in public (rather than waiting until you are alone to talk out and work on your differences) ?

4. Do you reverse her authority or decisions without consulting her?

5. Do you let her fight her own battles (rather than having an immediate impulse to stand up for her) ?

A woman's happiness and security are closely allied with the feeling that her husband is on her side first, last, and always. One of our clients found out that his marriage was in trouble because of his constant teasing stories about his wife as "my dumb darling", both to her face and behind her back. Such kidding can damage pride, especially if there is a thread of truth in it! A woman's happiness is insecure unless she is basically confident of her husband's respect. If you answered "No" to these questions,

you have a good score for loyalty.


1. Does she tell you her troubles ?

2. When you have a disagreement can your each a compromise or is a quarrel never settled until she gives in) ?